Petaluma has a new ice cream joint, just in time for the warm weather. Lala’s Creamery is making ice cream on-site using Straus cream, says rworange. It’s a straight-up old-fashioned ice cream parlor, “not some modern take on it with irony. It is ice cream for kids … and adults … not adult ice cream that sophisticated urban kids can also enjoy.” The flavors are “simple. No bacon maple syrup concoction here.”

Currently they are scooping vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, butter pecan, rocky road, rum raisin, coffee, cookies and cream, grasshopper, bubblegum, choco-raspberry, and green tea. They also have strawberry, mango, and coco loco sorbet.

They serve hot fudge and tin roof sundaes, shakes, malts, banana splits, and root beer floats. The fanciest thing there is a raspberry lavender phosphate, says rworange, which was “very refreshing.” Ice cream–wise, rworange says, the rum raisin was “lovely and smooth with enough raisins. The coffee was delicious, but I think they should just use the coffee and not add ground up beans. The sample I liked best was the peanut butter and jelly.”

Lala’s Creamery [North Bay]
134 Petaluma Boulevard, Petaluma

Board Link: Petaluma: Lala’s Creamery–The old-fashioned ice cream parlor reborn–phosphates, parfaits, black cows, Straus cream

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