The bright flavor of lemon and the crunch of poppy seeds is a classic combination in baked goods. This poppy seed lemon cake is heavy on the poppy. Emme drizzles it with a glaze made from powdered sugar, lemon juice, and limoncello.

sarahjay thinks this glazed lemon poppy seed cake is “quick, easy, and delicious,” while Rose Levy Beranbaum’s lemon poppy seed sour cream cake is “quite lovely,” says heylids.

For a twist, combine poppy seeds with other kinds of citrus. blue room favors these poppy seed muffins, which are flavored with almond extract and have an orange glaze. “I think a little almond flavor is necessary for poppy seed baked goods!” she says. CHOW’s Citrus–Poppy Seed Muffins include both lemon and orange zest.

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