Boston doesn’t have many Ethiopian restaurants, and those it does have (Addis, Fasika), get mixed reviews on the boards. That’s why NoNatto was so excited to find Habesha, an Ethiopian restaurant in Malden that’s so small and unassuming that it’s easily overlooked. The food, however, is the “real thing,” says NoNatto.

The kitfo, finely chopped beef, was served raw on NoNatto’s request, mixed with spiced clarified butter, it has a “late-blooming peppery kick.” NoNatto also loved the awaze tibs, a spicy and savory stew of marinated beef chunks with onions and peppers, and the quanta firfir, pieces of spongy Ethiopian injera bread with dried beef. The items on the combination vegetable platter, such as collard greens (gomen) and mildly-sauced chickpeas (shiro wat), ranged from “OK to delicious,” but NoNatto preferred the meat dishes over the vegetarian ones.

“Absolutely one of the best meals we’ve had,” says Taralli. “The new combinations of spices had my taste buds popping. Many dishes had a piquant sour flavor note, which we really liked. Several of us commented on how the spices and flavors pleasantly lingered on our palates, afterwards, as we sat around and chatted.”

Prices are very reasonable at $8 to $14 a plate. Habesha is a short walk from the Malden T stop.

Habesha Restaurant [Malden]
535 Main Street, Malden

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