There are two styles of hamburger, says writer J. Kenji Alt in a Boston Globe article called “Burger War!” There is the big, fat, pink-inside grilled East Coast variety, and the thinner, seared, griddled West Coast–style patty. Up until fairly recently in Boston, it was difficult to find anything but the thick, grilled “pub burger,” but the opening of newish, much-praised places like Five Guys in Dedham has changed that.

In the Globe article, Alt crowns the burger at Flat Patties king. jgg13 agrees: “I’ll bite into them and say ‘eh, nothing special’ but then I find that I can’t put the things down and keep stuffing them in my face until they’re gone. It’s like there’s crack in there or something. I’ve never really figured out how something that seems so plain ends up being such a must-have for me.” That’s “because they’re simple but perfectly done,” says BarmyFotheringayPhipps.

Five Guys Burgers & Fries [Dedham]
170 Providence Highway, Dedham

Flat Patties [Cambridge]
81 Mount Auburn Street, Cambridge

Board Link: J. Kenji Alt’s Boston Burger Battle

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