Diep Tran is the former owner and chef at Blue Hen, a Vietnamese place that’s veggie-friendly, pitched towards the multi-ethnic Eagle Rock scene, and a favorite of Chowhounds and hipsters alike. Now Tran’s opened a new place, the Good Girl Dinette, pitched as Vietnamese diner food. It’s modern, airy, and, like Blue Hen, very veggie-friendly.

The diner side is represented by pot pies; the cauliflower pie is, indeed, excellent comfort food, says Chowpatty, with flaky biscuit crust and a mild vegetarian filling. Chicken pho, and vegetarian pho appear on the menu, along with excellent desserts like coconut bread pudding with whipped cream, and a “wonderful” almond jelly with preserved kumquat, says soyarra.

On the savory side, soyarra’s husband loves the braised tofu stew with brown rice, for its deep, almost curry-like spicing. Spring rolls are OK, but imperial rolls are much better, says tissue.

The menu’s still a bit minimal, but other dishes are due to be added soon, including beef stew and braised pork.

Blue Hen [Eagle Rock]
1743 Colorado Boulevard, Los Angeles

Good Girl Dinette [Highland Park]
110 North Avenue 56, Los Angeles

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