Outstanding Haitian food has turned up at Le Banquet near Brooklyn College. Wet Towel went with a group and plowed through a superb spread of fried goat and snapper, stewed oxtail, Creole chicken, and grillot (pork marinated with citrus and garlic then fried). “Haven’t seen a ton written about this place, but it is excellent,” says Wet Towel.

Just a few blocks north, hounds recommend the Jamaican chow at International Paradise. Pan enjoyed a standout stew chicken and, especially, rice and peas with “various delicious stuff in it and a really good coconut taste.”

Le Banquet [Midwood]
2281 Nostrand Avenue (at Avenue I), Brooklyn

International Paradise [Midwood]
2905 Glenwood Road (at Flatbush Avenue), Brooklyn

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