Reviews of newish barbecue joint Taste of Joy are starting to come in. Word is it’s “affordable and low-key” with a “super-friendly” chef/owner, though still working out a few “new restaurant growing pains.” Here’s the Chowhound take on some of the key offerings.

Brisket: “It may not have been the moistest or most nuanced BBQ I’ve ever had,” says abstractpoet, “but it was damned tasty, comforting food—the meat was flavorful and the sauce was addictive.” Cassia adds that it’s “not like other brisket I’ve had but super-yummy.” It was thinly sliced, like roast beef, slathered with a “yummy” sauce, and was less chewy than usual.

Ribs: “The BBQ sauce was delicious,” says Cassia. “Kansas City style: tomato-based with molasses, so a touch sweet. just a little heat … The spare ribs were smoky and meaty and with a good chew, benefiting from 5 hours in the smoker (according to the chef/owner), but not fall-off-the-bone tender.”

Hot Links: “Perfectly cooked, not dry at all. Not very spicy, but flavorful,” says abstractpoet.

Sides: The potato salad has a “perfect all-American flavor” even if the texture was “a bit too like smashed potatoes,” says Cassia. The mac ’n’ cheese is made with “perfectly al dente pasta tossed in (but not drowning in) a nice cheesy sauce, with extra cheddar melted on top,” says Cassia. abstractpoet liked the greens “even if they didn’t have much ‘punch’ to them—really felt like you were tasting the flavor of the mustard greens instead of just vinegar like you get at a lot of places.”

Taste of Joy [East Bay]
3227-A Lakeshore Avenue, Oakland

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