Wood Tavern’s pastrami sandwich may not be what people have in mind when they seek out the deli classic, but “nevertheless, for the open-minded, it may be the best pastrami sandwich in the area. Best I’ve had by a long shot.” says Robert Lauriston.

It’s served at lunch only and is made with Niman pastrami, which Robert Lauriston says is nice and fatty, and “piled high” on a piece of La Farine baguette with Dijon mustard, horseradish dressing, and some melted Emmentaler cheese. It comes with cabbage slaw with cilantro and chiles (dressed with oil and citrus instead of mayo), and house-made pickles.

peppatty loves the baguette treatment “which you look at and think it’s too hard to eat with the thinly cut pastrami, but it isn’t” and Robert Lauriston thinks it holds together “better than the traditional sliced rye.” SteveG says the pastrami is “particularly moist with what must have been rendered fat.”

“I know it is not traditional, but it doesn’t matter,” says The Dive. “We’ve been known to have dinner on Friday at Wood Tavern and still come back on Saturday for that sandwich.”

Wood Tavern [East Bay]
6317 College Avenue, Oakland

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