On the day we were out roaming the streets with SFoodie’s John Birdsall, Taqueria Campos was on the agenda, but we never made it, getting waylaid by Jesus’s chicken at Taqueria Durango just down the street. But John’s description of receiving a plate of chicharrones with warm bean dip while you wait for your order at this tiny restaurant stuck with us. We went back to check it out.

The chicharrones and bean dip appeared while we browsed the menu. The restaurant specializes in stews, so we ordered a bowl of posole. It was total comfort food, with plenty of hominy and a well-trimmed chunk of tender braised pork. One of the women working there popped back out with a bowl of extra hot sauce that she said was really good with the posole. It was more like toasted chile in oil than a saucy salsa, and though a little bitter on its own, it rocked on the posole, adding extra heat and a little more complexity to the broth. Piña agua fresca was homemade and refreshing—a change from painfully sweet commercial versions—and full of pulp. The warm hospitality alone would get us coming back for one of the four or five tables: It really feels like you’re in the home of the chefs and they want you to taste the best they have to offer.

Taqueria Campos
3659 Foothill Boulevard, Oakland

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