EATTV had a “lunch affirming experience in JP yesterday. This is old news for many CHs but be gentle. I was the last guy to get a microwave and my VCR has been flashing ’12:00′ for decades. While I was forlorn to note the empty Hi-Lo soon to be Cheque de Pago Toda I was very happy to happen on Alex’s Chimis.”

What’s a chimi? It’s a Dominican hamburger or sublike sandwich, made out of various meats. The chimi de pierna was made to order, and contained slow-roasted pork, lettuce, pickles, onions, tomatoes, and some sort of mayo-based sauce, while the classic chimi super “has a hamburger thing going on. Sort of a Cubano meets gyro.”

Don’t feel like a chimi? Head to the left for an $8 steam-table special of “Dominican staples done really well,” heaped into your Styrofoam tray. There’s fried chicken, fried pork, pernil, chicharrones, tostones, Caribbean fried rice, yuca with mojo, and fresh lime hunks to throw over everything. Whoa. The roast chicken is supposed to be insane.

Alex’s Chimis [Jamaica Plain]
358 Centre Street, Boston

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