Overheard on the Los Angeles Board

"I've concluded that Wasabi sushigoers don't actually like fish. They just like ponzu. Everything is drenched, soaked, dripping with the stuff. Could be a dead cat on that sushi rice, it's swimming in so much ponzu you won't be able to tell." – munchabout on Sushi Wasabi

"With English translations you can never tell if they're way off the mark, precisely accurate, or somewhere in between. Once saw an item at a place in San Gabriel called Sweet Potato Sprouts, which was very intriguing. However my dish turned out to be on choy, a very common vegetable, and I thought maybe they messed up my order. It was only later that I found out that on choy, sometimes referred to as Chinese spinach, is actually a cousin to the sweet potato." – Chandavkl

"The poutine from Frysmith is closer but is shockingly salty—due, I suspect, to the gravy being held and concentrating, a common poutine sin in je-me-souviens land as well." – Das Ubergeek on the food truck Frysmith

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