Anthony’s Cookies is a new cookie shop in the Mission making non-fussy, “straight-up cookies like you wish you could bake,” says BernalKC.

jpancake got a baker’s dozen—split between cookies and cream, and toffee chip—for just under $10. “I don’t have much of a sweet tooth (these were ostensibly for my SO), but I couldn’t stop eating these. Both flavors were remarkably complex, and not at all cloying or heavy-handed with the butter.”

BernalKC says the cookies are fresh from the oven and have a nice crunchy crust and soft moist interior, which is just as good after they’ve cooled. “Yes, the toffee crunch is great. The whole wheat walnut oatmeal could not possible be whole wheat, can it? Really?”

The storefront is easy to miss and has “no retail signage outside or in. No decor. Empty retail lobby with a 8.5×11 printout of the cookie menu. Cash only,” says BernalKC. But the cookies are “f-ing great.”

Anthony’s Cookies [Mission]
1417 Valencia Street, San Francisco

Board Link: Anthony’s Cookies

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