If you thought there wasn’t room in San Francisco for more salumi/cured pork/general pig products, the frenzy over Boccalone’s nduja and Ryan Farr’s chicharrónes (pork rinds) proves otherwise.

The nduja is a Calabrian-style spreadable salame made with extra-fine ground pork that’s seasoned and fermented, then aged in casing, says Melanie Wong. “It is soft and spreadable with a mid-level heat from the Calabrian chilis that lingers quite long. I liked the clean, tangy cure and the salt level.” It reminds Sasha of “Chorizo de Teror, a spreadable sausage from the Grand Canaria that is absolutely fantastic in a sandwich.”

As for the chicharrónes, lamster says, “I had no idea that pork rinds were so good … A little tiny bag was I think $3.50. Probably a good idea that the bags are small … Very light, crisp, with a slight heat to them.” rworange says they are available at the Fatted Calf in Napa among other places and that they are made from “upscale pigs” and contain “natural pork, sea salt, cane sugar, and chiles.”

Boccalone Salumeria [Embarcadero]
1 Ferry Building #21, San Francisco


Fatted Calf [North Bay]
644-C First Street, Napa

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