Warning: Contains major gross out.

When I patronize a fast food restaurant, I’m always extra-nice to the counter people for fear of getting a sneezeburger. But the patrons at one North Carolina Domino’s never had a chance. A few days ago, a couple of genius Domino’s workers put up a video of one employee fouling food intended for customers. I think farting on the meat is a nice touch, don’t you? It’s the Abu Ghraib of the fast food world.

The employees were summarily fired, and felony arrest warrants (!) were issued. What were the charges: sandwich farting in the first degree?

Anyhoo, Patrick Doyle, President of Domino’s USA has responded with a heartfelt video of his own. I like when he says “It sickens me!” at 1:26 with a throb in his voice.

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