Fresh beets are sweet and satisfying when prepared well, nothing like their drab canned brethren. Cook them with potatoes and mash the two together for “hot pink mashed potatoes that are SO flavorful,” recommends kaaris.

Roasting beets concentrates their sweetness and makes them extra-delicious. Add roasted beets to lentil soup or a frittata, dress them with garlic-walnut sauce or lemon juice, yogurt, and horseradish, or serve them Mexican style, pickled in sour orange juice.

Beets are a great addition to salads (especially with goat, feta, or blue cheese), or they can be the star ingredient. Try shredded beets with sour cream or Greek yogurt and fresh herbs, dressed with a vinaigrette, or tossed into slaws. They’re surprisingly great raw in beet and parsley salad, says dct. Use them roasted in beet and ginger salad

Add shredded beets to latkes and rösti, or slice them extra-thin on a mandoline and bake or deep fry into crisp chips.

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