The familiar silver-wrapped brick of cream cheese is good for much more than making cheesecake and spreading on bagels. You can mix it with salmon, says Yukari, and use this as a filling in fried pot stickers or small egg rolls. And maplesugar suggests making these cream cheese-stuffed, bacon-wrapped jalapeños.

Cream cheese and eggs are natural partners, say hounds. Mix the cheese into a baked frittata, scramble it into eggs with smoked salmon and dill, or try a sophisticated take on the wrap with CHOW’s Cream Cheese and Chive Scramble with Prosciutto.

Cream cheese is also a great base for dips and spreads for chips, crackers, and sandwiches. Here are a few ideas:

• Top with mango chutney, jalapeño jelly, or Pickapeppa Sauce
• Pulse in food processor with marinated artichoke hearts
• Mix with sliced pimento-stuffed olives and crumbled bacon or chopped walnuts
• Mix with feta, chopped spinach, and walnuts
Hot spinach dip

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