NYC restaurant design team AvroKO, known for its obsessively detailed visions for restaurants such as Public, Quality Meats, and Double Crown, is now making fashion news. The microline of new AvroKO frocks is inspired by “the smart and tidy service uniforms of decades past.” So candy stripers, right? Nope, AvroKO was more turned on by turn-of-the-century nurse’s uniforms and ’50s stewardesses.

The result of all this nostalgia is a collection of sleek, smart dresses, skirts, and shirts that do look like they would fit, um, serviceably into a modern woman’s wardrobe. This little treat, the Wembley dress, comes in black-and-white stripes and also in plain black with white buttons; it will be available at boutiques in New York, Chicago, and Dallas, and worn by hostesses at AvroKO’s New York restaurants. Hey, I hope they’re washable.

As Eat Me Daily puts it, AvroKO’s “tip-to-toe approach to restaurant design extends from the wall treatments to typeface design to bathroom hand towels,” so it’ll be interesting to see if that same attention to detail is felt in the clothing. I for one would like to see certain vintage clothing details come back, like loops to hold your bra straps in dress shoulders, and extra buttons hidden in dress hems.

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