Last week’s Red Sox opening day brought a surprise for hot dog fans: the venerable Fenway frank, formerly made by a division of Sara Lee, is now made by Chelsea’s Kayem Foods Inc.

Hounds mostly agree that this is good news. mats77 says the old dog was “disgusting and bland at best,” and hotdoglover says Kayem puts out “a quality frank,” that is “much better than the Kahn’s brand.”

So how does it taste? The fact that the dog purveyors ran out of mustard on opening day seemed to arouse more passion than the taste of the new dogs. Ralphie_in_Boston says that the new franks were “a little bit better than I remember,” while chuck s calls them “not bad if you are part of a captive audience.” Ouch. But hotdog aficionado Bob MacAdoo describes the flavor as “very beefy, a touch of garlic, and some mustard seed aftertaste” and says the new dogs “really were bold compared to the dogs I recall from recent trips to Fenway, which I always thought were rather bland.”

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