“Not a thing crossed my palate … that wasn’t delicious,” says lotta_cox of her first visit to Rivera. “Every single morsel was just so worthy of re-eating. … I think many people are skeptical of high end Mexican, being that there are so many amazing and amazingly cheap Mexican and Central American options in Los Angeles. However, Rivera could turn the skeptics.”

Start with the snacks menu. Patates xips—potato chips with chipotle-lime crema and caviar—are a solid hit. The crema is made into a sort of mousse, with beautiful, balanced flavors.

When you get to the mains, order the carne churrasco, a little piece of prime beef steak served with superlight onion foam and veggies, or the Tasmanian sea trout, which at its best will be soft pink and slightly translucent in the center. peppermonkey liked the lamb chops, while Babette adored the genuine sopapillas, studded with peppers and orange zest and served with a nice unsalted butter.

To drink, there’s a cooler full of nonstandard sodas with wonderful stuff like Bubble Up. Or the bartender, Julian, will improvise some wild drinks for you. peppermonkey likes his Scottish Maid, which involves scotch and cucumber.

Rivera Restaurant [Downtown]
1050 S. Flower Street #102, Los Angeles

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