For the little Portuguese custard tarts called pasteis de nata, it’s hard to beat Teixeira’s Bakery in the Ironbound, says marachino: “Creamy, sweet filling and buttery, crisp shell–all perfectly and ever-so-slightly caramelized on top. And a bargain at only 75 cents. Undoubtedly the best this side of the Tagus–and much better than most I had on a recent trip to Portugal.” Nontraditionalists can try such nouveau flavors as lemon, coconut, orange, almond, even green bean. Teixeira’s has a handful of other locations in Newark, Kearny, and Elizabeth.

Teixeira’s Bakery [Essex County]
186 Ferry St., between Van Buren and Polk, Newark, NJ

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Can one find good pasteis de natas in the city?

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