Salvatore of Soho has reinvented the wheel, or at least repurposed it in a good cause: superior pizza. This newish restaurant—not in SoHo, actually, but on Staten Island—spins its pies on a rotating metal disk in a coal-fired oven. The result, according to comestible, is an excellent thin crust: beautifully charred, crisp, yet slightly chewy.

But this place isn’t only about pizza. “To say Salvatore’s is a pizza joint is doing it a disservice,” insists famdoc. In fact, he says, it does some of the best home-style Italian cooking in New York. Hounds recommend lobster ravioli, eggplant rollatini, house-made mozzarella, pizza-dough garlic bread, and Swiss chard in garlic-scented tomato sauce, among other things. Expect a wait, which will probably pass in no time thanks to the neighborly vibe. “You see,” famdoc observes, “Staten Island is like a small town.”

In Brooklyn, Pizzeria Del Corso has gotten some big-city press since one of its co-owners, Nino Coniglio, made the U.S. Pizza Team. For those not into extreme kitchen sports, this is the X Games of pizza, a pie-in-the-sky throwdown of flying, spinning, twirling dough.

Yet hounds find substance as well as style at this Marine Park newcomer, evidenced by mozzarella made in-house and San Marzano tomatoes crushed by hand. “The pizza is out of this world,” declares midgec. She’s high on the white pie, the fresh mozz, and the desserts, especially tiramisu and cannoli.

And yes, there are acrobatics, too. Check out the behind-the-back flip, advises bebhinn79—“the kids love it!”

Salvatore of Soho [Staten Island]
1880 Hylan Boulevard (at Slater Boulevard), Staten Island

Pizzeria Del Corso [Marine Park]
3003 Avenue U (at Batchelder Street), Brooklyn

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