Saul’s Deli in Berkeley has started making its own sodas in flavors like celery, cardamom, Meyer lemon, tamarind, and cream says David Farris. They’re “intense and not too sweet” and will run you $2.25. David Farris learned of them when he stopped by with a friend a few weeks ago “so he could introduce me to Dr. Brown’s Cel-Ray, which they no longer sell FOR OBVIOUS REASONS. I finally had one this week in LA—and it was a huge disappointment after Saul’s. Cloying by comparison.”

rworange adds that Saul’s is also doing a fresh strawberry soda and making cocktails with the homemade sodas.

Saul’s Deli [East Bay]
1475 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley

Board Link: Sodas at Saul’s: celery! cardamom! meyer lemon!

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