Canned pineapple is a thrifty ingredient with its own flavor appeal, even if it doesn’t quite resemble fresh. While it makes frequent appearances in carrot and upside-down cakes, it can go plenty of other places.

“I sometimes do a very basic tuna melt with tuna salad that’s reeeally light on the mayo, basically just enough to stick together, with a little lemon pepper and onion, and then top it with a canned pineapple ring under the cheese before broiling,” says darklyglimmer. “Sounds, and looks, unbelievably 1964, but tastes great. Please pass the brightly-colored-cellophane-topped toothpicks.”

dmbfiredncr‘s family enjoys this unusual sweet, cheesy pineapple casserole, while valerie recommends this short rib recipe, which includes canned pineapple in the sauce. Other savory uses include replacing raisins with canned pineapple bits in picadillo and empanadas, and adding pineapple to coleslaw.

For the “easiest pineapple sorbet ever,” freeze a can of pineapple, then whip it in a food processor until fluffy, says cheesecake17. Eat.Choui likes this recipe for Taiwanese pineapple squares, cookies with a pineapple filling.

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