finlero has a great suggestion for teetotaling cooks who buy red wine for cooking yet watch it go bad before the bottle’s used up. Try boxed wine instead, which finlero says keeps for over a month once opened, without being refrigerated. But not just any old swill will do, and finlero’s favorite liquor store no longer carries the three-liter boxes of Vignerons de Caractère Côtes du Rhône he used to love.

Naturally, hounds know just where to find finlero’s cherished tipple: Cambridge Wine & Spirits, which Parsnipity says has a wide variety of boxed booze including boxes of Pinot Evil that are reportedly decent, despite the cutesy name, hated by yumyum: “Ugh. Pinot Evil. I avoid wines with animals on the labels or punny names. This one is painful. But if it’s good I guess I can check it out.”

erwocky also recommends the Banrock Station boxed Shiraz, which is “quite drinkable and enjoyable, with lots of fruit.” Plus it’s an unbelievable bargain at $18 to $20 for three liters. The Shiraz is available at Supreme Liquor in Central Square in Cambridge.

Cambridge Wine & Spirits [Cambridge]
202 Alewife Brook Parkway, Cambridge

Supreme Liquor [Cambridge]
600 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

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