Don’t be afraid to eat goat. Goat meat gets enthusiastic recommendations from Chowhounds. “Goat’s darker, richer, stronger. It’s wonderful,” says tatamagouche. “It is to lamb what duck is to chicken. I love all four, though, don’t get me wrong.”

Goat meat is relatively inexpensive, but almost never factory-farmed, says danieljdwyer, who adds that it is “closer in flavor to beef than lamb is, and healthier than both. It’s got more flavor than and is not as tough as bison. Probably my favorite red meat.”

While not common in mainstream American cuisine, goat is a full-flavored star in cuisines worldwide: Afro-Caribbean, Arab, Indo-Iranian, Mexican, Korean, and Chinese, to name a few. But it’s not just about the toothsome meat. The marrow from the goat is especially good, says JungMann and it’s “beyond delicious,” agrees kayEx. The leg bones are the ones with the marrow, says kayEx. If you want to try them, you’ll have to ask your butcher to cut some up for you, though, because goat marrow bones aren’t found in supermarket meat cases very often.

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