Big Mista’s BBQ has a lot of Chowhounds going nuts. The rack of dry ribs “might be the best you can get in LA,” says monku. bigrangebbq has searched all over Southern California for great barbecue—he’s finally been satisfied here.

mdpilam thinks it’s “clearly better than Bludso’s,” thought by many to be the reigning local barbecue champ. “The ribs were more juicy and tender with a better pork flavor. The Brisket is EASILY better than Bludso’s as well. Oh so tender, and beefy, with a nice smoke ring and crunchy outer layer.” Agrees sbritchky, “Their brisket I rank about equal with Bludso’s, whose style is very different—thin-sliced, heavy on the sauce, much more like Kansas City BBQ beef than Big Mista’s classic Texas approach.” sbritchky’s favorite is “their wonderfully tender, juicy, and crusty pork ribs. These honeys would cause a commotion up against the greatest ribs I’ve had in the Midwest and South.”

maxzook spoke up for the tri-tip: “fork-tender but with texture and beefy taste, and a black-peppery rub that really stood out.” And the mac ’n’ cheese is one of the five best maxzook has ever had in town. “This is really worth a trip—simply wonderful food, with friendly service,” says maxzook. Don’t forget to try the red velvet cupcakes, “a delicious coda to end the meal,” says kevin.

Professor Salt has the inside scoop: The operator of Big Mista’s is Professor Salt’s teammate on a barbecue competition team. Big Mista’s, he says, makes barbecue the way competition cooks make it, versus the way restaurants tend to. Brisket is dry rubbed, with no sauce on the meat. The pork ribs are rubbed, with a light layer of sauce cooked on at the end, explains Professor Salt.

You can find Big Mista’s at the Sunday Atwater Village Farmers’ Market, the Tuesday Torrance market, the Wednesday Lawndale market, the Thursday El Segundo market, and the Saturday Watts market. They often run out of barbecue, so go early.

Big Mista’s BBQ [Citywide]

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