I went to high school just a few miles away from the Just Born factory, where marshmallow Peeps are, um, born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, so I’ve always had a soft spot for them. Even so, I cannot imagine putting in the work that blogger Aaron did for his personal blog Unlikely Words, compiling a canonical list of Peeps pages on the Internet.

The blog post contains 1,728 words, and they’re all about Peeps. Peep jousting. The Easter turducken (that’s a Cadbury Creme Egg stuffed into a Peep stuffed into a hollow chocolate bunny). Peeps erotica. The anti-Peeps movement.

Aaron waxes poetic too: “I would call marshmallow Peeps ‘the Bacon of the nineties’ for the way they captured the hearts and minds of internet users everywhere. Both bacon and Peeps are bad for you and delicious, and for some reason, that makes the crazy things you do with them so viral.”

Delicious? Why, Aaron, I’m assuming you have not tried the Peepuccino, one Peep dropped into a cup of coffee and stirred until, urgh, frothy. Or Peeps beer.

Perhaps you can serve with a Peeps place-card holder?

Image source: flickr member Sister72 under Creative Commons

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