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"Chinese food in India is a staple (at least in Kolkata it is) and you can find vendors selling Hakka-style chow mein on almost every block. The flavors are suited to the Indian palate—lots of garlic, chillies, soy sauce, ginger, cumin, and yes MSG (called ajinomoto in India).... Indians love the stuff and are usually disappointed with Chinese food in the States... until we can find a desi Chinese joint!" – caliking on Chinese-Indian cuisine

"If you're hard-boiling eggs, especially ... if they're to be devilled, they absolutely MUST be old enough to have shrunk in their shells a bit, or you'll never get the damn things peeled." – Will Owen

"[W]hey is wonderful on miso soup. Like the miso, it should not be boiled. It is also the basis for traditionally made fermented vegetables and can sub for buttermilk in baked goods. We don't have pigs, but our cats and neighbors' dogs really like it. Traditional nutrition advocates drink it for health reasons." – magiesmom

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