So all your lettuce mysteriously died but you ended up with a bumper crop of tomatoes. Now what? Enter Veggie Trader, a new site that connects home gardeners with one another to trade their surplus fruits and vegetables.

Here’s the drill:
• Register for the site (free)
• Post your veggies and browse others’ via zip code
• Negotiate a trade in your ’hood

A few things to be aware of when using the site: You are responsible for knowing about state quarantines (there’s currently one in the SF Bay Area), licensing, taxes, and all the local bureaucracy in your area. The site also recommends not trading out of your state because laws vary so widely. And you are forbidden from trading meat, eggs, or dairy items.

If you’re into the idea of community trading, bartering, and local food supplies, you might want to check out Fallen Fruit as well. It’s a site that’s aiming to eventually map all of the public fruit trees in the United States. And here’s what our etiquette columnist Helena Echlin learned from the site’s cofounder about picking fruit off your neighbors’ trees.

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