Lady_Tenar doesn’t eat much meat, and she wants what she eats to be sustainably/humanely raised. Finding steaks, stew meat, chops, that’s no problem. But where can one find the sustainable charcuterie she craves?

It’s not easy, agree hounds. Even usual suspects like Savenor’s and Coppa put the “bad” meat right next to the “good” varieties. “I always laugh at myself a bit when I seek out humane meat…quite a paradoxical notion, at its base. I rationalize to myself that an animal raised decently before it is killed to be my dinner is an ethically better option than one treated poorly before it is killed to be my dinner, but I also know that I am deluding myself to some extent,” says hckybg, adding that questioning meat sellers can often lead to vague, confused answers, and that examining one’s choices endlessly can become downright paralyzing. But besides deeply quizzing the staff at traditional meat markets, there are some options Lady_Tenar and other careful meat-likers may want to check out.

celeriac recommends shopping at Sherman Market and City Feed & Supply, because “in both places, you’ll find folks that can speak clearly, honestly and passionately about the meat that they’re carrying.”

PinchOfSalt points out that Pete and Jen’s Backyard Birds offers products like bacon and ham from its cosseted litter of pigs: “They have been on vacation this winter, but should be back in operation within a week or so.”

Other than that, there’s the Internet. And blind faith.

Sherman Market [North of Boston]
22 Union Street, Somerville

City Feed & Supply [Jamaica Plain]
66 Boylston Street, Boston

Pete and Jen’s Backyard Birds [MetroWest]
159 Wheeler Road, Concord

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