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Black Star, a Co-Op for Beer-Lovers

While we were filming at Salt & Time, bearded butcher Bryan Butler mentioned that Austin had the only cooperatively owned brewpub in the world, making small batches of craft brew and Austinized pub grub. While other folks who shall remain nameless warned us that it “looked like an IKEA in there,” we still wanted to see what Black Star was doing.

OK, so maybe it was a little IKEA-esque when we walked in, but the place filled up fast with lots of friendly drinkers, at which point the mod-spaciousness was an asset. We ordered the Bowl of Red (they warned us the chili was extremely spicy, but we didn’t think it was very hot at all), chunks of beef in bright red chili sauce, which was pretty good, though I’d have dumped salt in it if there had been a salt shaker around. It was a good match with the brewery’s Vulcan, a sort of pale ale/amber ale-like brew made with rye and lots of hops—not the first time we saw that combo in Austin. Another local brewery, Real Ale, also turns out a nice rye pale ale called Full Moon. Mini-trend in Austin’s brew scene?

Black Star Co-Op Pub & Brewery
7020 Easy Wind Drive #100, Austin

Roxanne Webber is a former editor at CHOW.