Chi Hua Lou is new, Sichuan, and worth a try, says cant talk…eating. Lamb with Sichuan sauce turns out to be stewed, meaty lamb ribs in red-peppery broth with cabbage. “Almost like Szechuan birria (please, do not launch a food truck based on this),” says cant talk…eating.

An appetizer of shredded potatoes with Sichuan peppercorns is also quite nice. “Quite a few items on the menu that I haven’t seen anywhere, so who knows what this place can actually pull off,” says cant talk…eating. “The English translations are useless, but just for fun, milk batter with cabbage, shrimp with lily, braised fish tail, braised chicken with wine and basil, and plenty of random names ‘yang chuan noodle’, ‘long jing shrimp.’ If anyone can translate/interpret these, along with ‘noisette pork,’ I’d be grateful!”

Chi Hua Lou [San Gabriel Valley]
920 E. Garvey Avenue,
 Monterey Park

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