Taco Asylum is your outpost for unhinged taco experimentation. Some folks don’t like it, complaining about excessively chewy taco wrappers and pretentious menuisms (taco flights, anyone?). OCSteve was upset by the chewy, undercooked-seeming wrapper. But the fillings are another story—all well-prepared and excellent.

And some hounds are more sympathetic. The wrapper is less tortilla and more flatbread, explains Porthos, which is why some folks think it’s too chewy. The flatbread makes sense, because some of the fillings are particularly wet and heavy.

The best taco here, says Porthos, is the ghost chile pork with cracklings. The pork is juicy and tender, the spice satisfying, and the cracklings add a nice bit of texture. His second favorite: duck with Camembert, Dijon crème fraîche, and purple fingerling potato chips. “Excellent, a bit more refined and less in your face than the ghost chile pork but equally impressive and well thought out,” says Porthos. And for those of you wanting a vegetarian taco treat, their curried paneer, raita, and tomato chutney taco is spot-on.

The tacos are $5 each, but huge—maybe two or three times bigger than your normal street taco.

Taco Asylum [Orange County]
2937 S. Bristol Street, Suite B102, Costa Mesa

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