Once again, the American food supply chain has revealed itself to be less-than-totally safe, and once again nuts are at the heart of the problem. This time, it’s pistachios.

This latest recall, which follows closely on the heels of a peanut safety crisis that left hundreds ill across the country, is driven by fears of cross contamination—the unintentional intermingling of roasted (and therefore safe) pistachios and their dangerous unroasted brethren. While only two people have reported illness (said to be salmonella), that number is likely to increase in the days to come.

There’s a “bad news can be good news” spin on all this craziness: Any effort by the Obama administration to reform and tighten up the regulation of food and drink will now have broader and deeper public support behind it, which will be critical in terms of combating the inevitable industry PR campaign against “costly government interference.”

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