Burmese restaurant Yoma doesn’t get the love it deserves according to StriperGuy, who says he “basically demolished the menu” there. “Quite frankly this place is amazing. The nuance and subtlety noteworthy. The breadth of flavors …” rhapsodizes StriperGuy. Yeah, yeah, but what should we order? StriperGuy loves aa mae thar thot ($7.45), charred beef salad with lemongrass, lime, cabbage, cucumber, and a long list of piquant toppings, as well as tha yet thee thot ($6.25), green mango salad. barleywino also recommends the shwe pa yon thee hin ($9.25), sweet pumpkin with shrimp, tomatoes, ginger, shallot, lemongrass, and cilantro. 9lives calls the tofu jaw ($4.95), a housemade Burmese tofu made from chickpea flour, “a real hit” as well.

A tip: The food travels well for take-out. “The soba rice noodles in the slow-roasted spicy pork dish get pretty soft, but that dish is so delicious that it doesn’t really matter,” says bear.

Yoma [Allston]
5 North Beacon Street, Boston

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