“Lacquered and luscious,” scoopG calls it—that’s the gorgeous signature dish at Deyi Peking Duck House in Flushing. From a special duck-roasting oven manned by chefs from Shenyang in China’s northeast, this $29 bird emerges with crackling-crisp skin and comes to the table traditionally appointed with thin pancakes and robust hoisin sauce. An additional $10 buys the three-way option: roast duck, duck soup, and shredded duck with bean curd. (Ask nicely, scoop adds, and they might bring out the rest of the carcass, which you can pick at down to the bare bones.)

There’s lots of other good stuff here too, which is something hounds wouldn’t say about most of New York’s Peking duck specialists (hello, Peking Duck House). Among other things, scoop recommends spicy thousand-year egg with bean curd (“Heavenly”); braised pork belly with chestnuts; and meltingly tender fried boneless rib meat with salt and pepper. And if you’ve left room, try a superb dessert soup with tapioca, orange, and sour kiwi. “There is plenty of sophisticated cooking going on here,” scoop promises.

Deyi Peking Duck House [Flushing]
43-18 Main Street (between Cherry and Dahlia avenues), Flushing, Queens

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