Right in the middle of a thread about the lovely flatbread sandwiches at Sofra, StriperGuy lets loose with a great tip about where to get the best flatbreads in the Boston area: Arax Market. According to StriperGuy, Tuesday mornings are the best time for an Arax run, as this is when drivers arrive with “truly amazing stuff, literally baked that morning, tangy, and wonderful. I swear one time I was there as they unloaded the truck at 8:30 a.m. or so and it was still warm. Bread is a great insulator and a whole truck full of it held it’s heat for the six-hour drive down, amazing.”

“I’ve been lucky to get that bread warm off the truck from Montreal too, and I almost wept. Like, real tears and all. Word on Arax,” says yumyum.

Oh, and speaking of Sofra, though the seating there is uncomfortable, if you order one of the flatbread sandwiches (described on the boards as “addictive” by multiple sources), make sure you hang around to eat it, as they’re best hot off the grill. Other picks: lamb schwarma, chocolate earthquake cookies, and the walnut and green olive spread.

Sofra [Cambridge]
1 Belmont Street, Cambridge

Arax Market [Watertown]
585 Mount Auburn Street, Watertown

Board Link: 12/10/08 Sofra, Cambridge Report

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