Will Owen has been searching for the One Perfect Burger for years, and recently gave the buffalo burger at Cafe Surfas a shot at the title: “It damn near made me weep with joy, only I was too busy eating it. The meat had huge flavor; the seasoning of whatever that sauce is was brilliant, being fresh and spicy and comforting all at once.” It comes with a pile of homemade pickle chips with lots of coriander seed.

The meat is not super juicy, and it’s a little chewy. It is buffalo meat, after all. Will Owen was surprised how little he minded the drier texture. “The flavor was just so good it flattened any other consideration.” It is, he says, the best lean burger he’s ever tasted. “I don’t see how it can get any better.” The burger is $11.86 with tax, a serious value for such a superior contender according to Will Owen.

The Kobe hot dog with grainy mustard and sauerkraut is also worth a trip, says maudies5, and latindancer favors Surfas’s “ultimate” grilled cheese: “It’s the best grilled cheese I’ve had in a long time,” says latindancer of the sharp cheddar and blue cheese on fine raisin bread, cooked on a panini grill.

Cafe Surfas is a small addendum to Surfas, a well-known gourmet restaurant supply store.

Cafe Surfas [Westside – Inland]
8777 Washington Boulevard, Culver City

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