Chowhound Desidero wishes to put his dining dollars where his politics are and support a local Egyptian restaurant where he can “celebrate the overthrow of the Mubarak regime. … A festive atmosphere would be a plus.”

One could go visit the loquacious Ali El Sayed at Kabab Café in Astoria’s “Little Egypt,” a stretch of Steinway Street populated with Egyptian restaurants and cafés, or stop in at Sabry’s down the street (thanks to Mr Porkchop and Joe MacBu for the suggestions). A New York Times piece names a few other places to get a taste of revolutionary zeal on Steinway Street, where reportedly every television was tuned to Al Jazeera during the height of the conflict.

If you’d rather eat Egyptian food in Brooklyn, driggs recommends Siwa Grill. Any other hidden Egyptian gems in the five boroughs? Do chime in.

Kabab Café [Astoria]
25-12 Steinway Street, Queens

Sabry’s [Astoria]
24-25 Steinway Street, Queens

Siwa Grill [Bay Ridge]
6917 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn

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