The Mediterranean menu at Trigo ranges from small plates to big ones, but fans keep coming back to the irresistible flatbread starters. DavyTheFatBoy singles out the onion tart, accented with tangy cheese, a hint of Middle Eastern spice, and a tasty green apple salad. “This is something I’d get hungry for,” he says. westchesterdiner goes for taleggio and garlic.

Beyond flatbread, hounds recommend marinated olives, pickled pumpkin, and saffron pappardelle with lobster and tomato confit, which westchesterdiner considers one of her “desert island” dishes. And for dessert, Davy suggests trying the doughnut-like chocolate bomboloni or fennel cake with lemon mousse and strawberries.

“Overall this was the most interesting and pleasing assortment of flavors I’ve had recently,” he adds, “and nothing was forced, it just worked.”

Trigo [Tribeca]
263 W. Broadway (at Sixth Avenue), Manhattan

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