The chicken gyro wrap is “insanely good” at Real Doner (Gyro) in Petaluma, says audacious, who also praises the “mouthwatering” rice and the “zesty” salad. This tip hasn’t gone unnoticed, resulting in a hefty thread on its “destination worthy” Turkish food and an investigation as to whether the Real Doner (Gyro) in Petaluma has any relation to the “dear departed” hound favorite Real Gyro (formerly in Santa Rosa).

First, the food:

rworange had a beef doner wrap, which was huge with “lovingly wrapped, generous, deeply beefy meat, pickled red cabbage, chopped tomatoes, a bit of chopped lettuce, a wonderful sauce. There were layers of flavor … a little garlic here and there.” It comes with a few different pickled sides and a piece of feta.
chilihead2006 tried the lamb and beef doner platter and a grilled kofte platter and says, “Even the rice had stuff going on … looked like pieces of rice noodle mixed in there. The yogurt sauce with dill was most excellent … I could have eaten it with a spoon. Tasted just like somebody might make you at home. That is, somebody with a passion for good cooking.”
Melanie Wong ordered the adana kebap sandwich on pide bread, with meat that was “perfectly grilled with a dark char yet still juicy and moist inside” and a “pinkish yogurt sauce served on the side spiced with [a] unique blend of dill and red pepper paste.”

As for being related to the old Real Gyro? Sort of. Melanie Wong asked a familiar face what was up, and found out that the chef at Real Doner (Gyro) is Joe Besir, the brother of Vahit Besir, former chef of Real Gyro in Santa Rosa, and currently at Eden’s Turkish Food in San Francisco.

Real Doner (Gyro) [North Bay]
307 F Street, Petaluma

Eden’s Turkish Food [Tenderloin]
552 Jones Street, San Francisco

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