Besides the fact that Sahn Maru Korean BBQ serves up good kimchee chigae and yukejang, lucymom likes it because it offers a tray of Korean food for toddlers. Just ask for the baby meal, and the restaurant will bring it out before the other food arrives—a nice service for parents who don’t want hungry kids to get cranky.

lucymom says the baby meal consists of me yuk gook (seaweed soup), rice, steamed eggs, broccoli, and candied potatoes, all served on a “Hello Kitty–like tray.” “It’s typical to dump the rice into the [soup] and this is what I do and my son who is 2 will actually eat this!” adds lucymom. Cvhound says that “most Korean kids love this soup.”

Sahn Maru Korean BBQ [East Bay]
4315 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland

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