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CHOW Tour Austin: Tex-Mex or Mex-Tex?

Austin has a ton of great Mexican food, from old-school Tex-Mex to authentic interior Mexican cuisine. We wanted to see the range, so we consulted Austin Chowhounds for a little guidance. On scrumptiouschef‘s urging, we learned some of the secrets behind family-recipe enchiladas, complete with classic brown gravy, served at a bowling alley. There were also breakfast tacos at the tiny El Taco Rico trailer, another Chowhound favorite where every corn tortilla is made fresh, and a taste of authentic home-style Mexican cooking at El Mesón, Chowhound tom in austin‘s pick.

El Taco Rico
810 Vargas Road, Austin
No phone available

El Mesón Cocina Mexicana y Tequilería
5808 Burleson Road, Austin

Dart Bowl Steak House
5700 Grover Avenue, Austin