In a town where “great pizza” generally means red sauce and New York–style thin crust, Zing Pizza is getting some board love for its unusual pies. The hound favorite seems to be the Blue October: butternut squash sauce, mozzarella, spinach, caramelized onions, and blue cheese. “The butternut squash ‘sauce’ was really just butternut squash puréed to a saucelike, spreadable consistency. Something about the technique just really works. Instead of having chunks of squash on the pizza, you get a nice underlying and consistent squash taste across the whole pie. Tasty,” says franksnbeans.

Although it may seem like an odd thing to have at a pizza joint, the roti is also above average. gini tried the chicken roti, with squash, potatoes, green beans, and chickpeas. “The roti was fresh made to order and the curried filling delicious,” she says.

What caserole calls the restaurant’s “hippie vibe” is also in evidence, with recycled to-go containers, a compost can, natural sodas, and laid-back, friendly employees. “Very Cambridge,” says caserole, without a hint of a sniff.

Zing also has something that will set celiac disease sufferer’s tails to wagging: a good gluten-free pizza. caserole, who is very sensitive to gluten, has found that even restaurants with gluten-free options still cause problems, as cross-contamination is frequent. But caserole tried the gluten-free Blue October and found it “delish.” Although it was “quite pricey,” it was also big enough that caserole had half left over for the next day, and “most celiacs seem willing to pay a premium to eat out with our friends.”

It doesn’t have a permanent menu yet, but if you want to know what’s available, you can check the Zing blog for updates.

Zing Pizza [Cambridge]
1923 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

Board Link: Zing Pizza, Porter Square, Cambridge - yum!

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