A craving for Guilin rice noodle soup—springy rice noodles with minced or sliced meat, peanuts or dried beans, hot sauce, and vegetables—can only be extinguished at three spots in the Los Angeles area. One of them is the Garvey Avenue branch of Eight Cafe, which offers comforting bowls. “They weren’t too soggy, had that wonderful slick noodle texture that rice noodles have, and went perfectly with the broth,” says PandanExpress. PandanExpress liked the spicy-sour noodle broth with slices of beef; the broth is “the perfect balance of spicy and sour; every slurp made me crave more.” And the pickled vegetables in the topping pack “a great sour punch in each small bite.”

We’re lucky to have Eight Cafe and its two sister San Gabriel locations (one also named Eight Cafe, and another named Dandan), says Chandvakl. They may be the only Guilin rice noodle shops in the country. “I love the rice noodle soup with sliced fish so much so that I have yet to try any other item on their menu,” says Chandvakl.

Eight Cafe [San Gabriel Valley]
110 E. Garvey Avenue, Monterey Park

Eight Cafe [San Gabriel Valley]
600 E. Valley Boulevard, San Gabriel

Dandan Guilin Rice Noodles [San Gabriel Valley]
140 W. Valley Boulevard, San Gabriel

Board Link: Guilin Mi Fen @ Eight Cafe

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