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"The durian will tell you when it is ready to be eaten. When the durian fruit is ripe the husk begins to crack open on its own. This means it is ready to be split open (either with a cleaver or by hands of steel) and consumed. Some people let it ripen beyond that until the flesh is creamy, slightly alcoholic, and strongly aromatic. Yes, even more 'aromatic' than normal, ripe durian." – ipsedixit

"The Best Pie? My paternal grandmother's wild blueberry pie. Blueberries from her Up-North Minnesota homestead, the home-rendered lard from the farm for the crust, the perfect fruit-to-crust ratio (not too much fruit, no high-hat pie, this), her own pattern of cutting the vent holes (sort of an abstraction of the stitching on a baseball), and tendency to unevenly sprinkle the top with sugar, leaving us all with favorite slices (relative sugar coverage) and strategies to obtain them." – cayjohan

"One of my new favorites ... is Sultane. It's an unflavored black tea, but WOW, is it awesome! There is just something really special about it, and it is simple divine black tea (yes, w/milk and sugar!) perfection. I don't see it listed on the Market Hall website, which is unfortunate...Also, I found a wonderful blend called 'Fall in Love' tea, which is very aptly named. Love it. It's black tea with delicious caramel and vanilla notes, but less like ice cream and more like a whiff of excellent cigar tobacco. Yum." – french roast on Mariage Frères tea

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