tatsu is impressed with the food and the attentive, European-correct service at AKA Bistro. “It’s worth mentioning, all the executives, Chris, Christian, David, and the talented young pastry chef, have been working every single time I’ve visited,” notes tatsu. “They are 100% dedicated, and I think it makes a difference, which is why I’m willing to pay repeat visits. Also, the service is spot-on, I’m not really accustomed to fine European dining as much as Japanese, but I always feel they have the right balance of attention, attentiveness, cues, timing, and information.”

So what will these paragons of waitronly and culinary virtue be serving you? tatsu highly recommends the beet salad, the rainbow trout, and the chocolate mousse. His lunch companion had a chocolate hazelnut raspberry mille-feuille that was a “work of art.”

Three courses for $22. What a steal.

AKA Bistro [North of Boston]
145 Lincoln Road, Lincoln

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