Back before there was a Starbucks on every corner, practically every diner in Manhattan served coffee in small blue-and-white paper cups decorated with the legend “We Are Happy to Serve You.” (Really? Somebody should tell the guy behind the cash register that.) Now that everyone buys gigantor $7 cups of caramel crappucino with sissy jackets and sippy cup lids, the little cups aren’t quite so ubiquitous. Except at my house, where I drink my drip coffee from the Ceramic Greek Coffee Cup, a fancy breakable version of the classic.

The Ceramic Greek Coffee Cup is pleasantly heavy in the hand and sized just right if you want a cup of coffee, that is, an 8-ounce serving with maybe a little bit of cream. No room for steamed milk or caramel syrup, sorry. If you wanted a cup of cream and sugar, why’dja ask for coffee?

Ceramic Greek Coffee Cup, $12.

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