“Wow—I just tasted the holy grail: a perfect pecan roll,” says aliris. “Caramel-y and crispy and not too sweet, but definitely sweet—chewy and cinnamony … just perfect.”

This quest-worthy pecan roll is at Jamaica’s. aliris tried Jamaica’s when they first opened and was disappointed. “Upon returning I find them in full-blown near-perfect mode. At least the cinammony things were, IMHO.”

There’s even half-off day-old stuff, which aliris really enjoys, since sweet rolls age just fine.

Also stellar: bread pudding and blueberry muffins. “Pups tell me the red velvet cupcakes were so-so but they may be burned out on red velvet cupcakes … who started this craze?” asks aliris. “They actually never really were all that good as I remember, though the revival has been fun. Still, at their very best they’d only ever rank a 1.5 next to a pecan roll’s 9.5, in my books!”

Jamaica’s Cakes [Westside – Inland]
11511 W. Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles

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