Anything Alice Waters–related usually provokes criticism and cries of elitism, but it seems that her recent 60 Minutes appearance caused even some of her fans to question her grip on reality.

There’s the Chowhound discussion that’s gotten 100 replies in a couple of days, ranging from: “I took Waters’ comment to say whatever discretionary income you have, be it $100 a week or $1 a week, think about where it’s going … Then again, I was eating a Wendy’s-TM junior cheeseburger while watching the segment,” to “What I came away with was a sense that AW is an idealist and a visionary, and as such, can never be an actual model for how we normal, non-idealists and non-visionaries live our lives.” Bonus: an interesting digression comparing Waters to Jesus.

I have to agree with the Eat Me Daily blog, which wondered why she didn’t use her prime-time slot on 60 Minutes to demo an easy affordable sustainable meal for American families instead of “an incredibly time-consuming luxurious breakfast, with heirloom tomatoes (likely $5/lb) and an egg cooked in a long metal spoon that has to be hand-held over the fireplace in her kitchen.” Sure, I’d love to eat that breakfast, and I totally envy that in-kitchen hearth, but at this point her approach to food may be doing more to alienate than to inspire people.

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